About us

LABOGENA is the French laboratory for genetic analysis in animals. Located at only 20km of Paris on the INRA site since 1956, the laboratory occupies a two-floor building (1200-square-meter).

With a turnover of more than 6 M€, LABOGENA is positioned as a major player in animal production.

Our main activity is to assist the animal selection by providing the following DNA analyzes:

  • Parentage verification
  • Genomic selection
  • Parentage assignment
  • Gene-assisted selection
  • Meat and seafood authentication

The laboratory performs the genetic analysis in 24 species : cow, sheep, pig, goat, duck, chicken, goose, turkey, rainbow trout, sea bream, salmon, bass, sturgeon, barramundi, turbot, meagre, umbrine, carp, shrimp, oyster. This list is evolving all the time. If your specie is not present in the list, please contact us in order to share your project with us. We will evaluate quickly the development of a customized genotyping solution.

In this constantly changing environment, we are developing new DNA-based tests and tools in collaboration with researchers from INRA or veterinary schools.

Moreover, we perform the storage of biological samples in order to anticipate the technological and regulatory changes that will occur in the coming years. Recognized by the international community as DNA expert, LABOGENA participate in the standardization of methods with other international laboratories.

LABOGENA is aware that behind each sample is an animal and a breeder. Therefore, we have to provide you high quality results and an excellent service.