LABOGENA's missions are to develop and provide reliable and innovative genetic tests to all animals to enable identification, parentage testing and analysis of genes involved in production traits or diseases.

Offering innovative tests for health and animal traceability

Our goal is to help breeders, breeding organizations and individuals by providing information on animal. This is performed by DNA-based tests that are able to evaluate production traits, mutations involved in different diseases and to verify that there is no difference between the theoretical and the practical crossings. For animals (or semen) that are exported, the purchasers need guarantees on the origin and health of the animal. If the animal tags are lost, then the genetic test are able to reassign correctly the animals 

LABOGENA allows the improvement of the livestock and the valorisation of the breeding.

Be innovative and drive to propose

The animal genetics community is an environment that is in perpetual movement, initiated either by regulation or by the new technological advances. LABOGENA has taken the challenge of innovation and the use of platforms from new generation. Every year, the R&D team develops new tests thanks to its long-standing skills and know-how. The physical proximity with INRA and the collaboration with internationally recognized research teams enable the development and the availability of genetic tests very quickly. LABOGENA is worldwide known for the technical quality of its analysis, but also for its ability to propose changes in international regulations.

Listen to the customers

A dedicated service is at your disposal in order to meet your expectations as well as to give you personalized advice. We have specialists by species so that you will have a relevant answer. In addition, we can communicate in several languages ​​including English, Arabic, Hungarian or Serbian.

Have an analytical capacity sized to the demands

It is trivial to say that time is an essential factor for breeders. Having the analysis result in short time allows to make choices more quickly. LABOGENA is fully aware of this problem, so we make every effort to provide you the results as soon as possible. To achieve this goal, our chains have been sized to be reactive to all the demands coming from all over the world.

Ensure a level of quality and maximum reliability

LABOGENA is focused to provide high-quality result and a first class service. For over 10 years, the laboratory has a strong quality culture with an evolution from the ISO 9001 to ISO 17025 accreditation from fixed type A to flexible type B. We ensure a full traceability of our hundreds of thousands analysis thanks to a high-performance computer system. In addition, we provide a rigorous follow of each sample.